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JD Schroeder Law: Specializing in paying attention to the details

There are a lot of workers' compensation attorneys out there. People have asked me: Why should I choose you? The answer is simple: Because I just love this work. It is all I do. I do not dabble in other areas of law, like personal injury or criminal defense. A fair number of other "workers' compensation" attorneys and firms do this. But this approach, in my opinion, can distract from the task at hand. I have specialized my practice to handle only workers’ compensation and related claims so my clients can rest assured that the focus is on them.

What I bring to the table is a wealth of workers’ compensation experience, plus the ability, resources, and zeal to pursue and execute a claim correctly. By listening to you and working with you, my goal is to achieve the best possible resolution for clients on every single case, not just the easiest or fastest resolution.

If you choose representation elsewhere, that is okay. But make sure to avoid putting yourself at risk of failing to maximize the value of your workers’ compensation claim. I am here to help clients out of an uncomfortable situation and make their life easier. This is my mission.

To be perfectly honest, I find unfair insurance industry practices against injured workers -- people who need help, not harassment -- profoundly distasteful. This motivates me as a plaintiff’s attorney, and I gain enormous satisfaction with every dollar that I recover for injured workers. I take a systematic and broad-based view of each case I handle. My goal is to make the right choices with you, whether that involves zealously pursuing a win at trial or conference, negotiating a mutually satisfying settlement, or collaborating with you on a specialized type of resolution. Every claim is distinct. I pay attention to the details because I can, because every claim demands it, and because every client deserves it. I simply do not settle for anything less.

I'm a straightforward guy, and so is the tagline: When work hurts, JD Schroeder Law can help. Call today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

- Jeff

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