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About the Lawyer: Client Testimonials

“I was injured at work. Originally, I had to hire and fire a lawyer. Then I signed with Jeff. What a difference! I wish I had gone to Jeff right off the bat. He is so informed and happy to help. He returned my emails and phone calls the same day. His patience, concern, and clear explanations put me at ease during a very upsetting time. Work comp was a complex hassle and unpleasant. I was delighted to find a lawyer who proved himself trustworthy, caring, and abundantly capable. Jeff stayed versed on my case. He listens and remembers well. He knows his way through the ins and outs of work comp and helped me understand what I wanted to know and what to expect. He fought for my rights. My suit was settled in mediation and I am very pleased. The legal system takes time, so I am glad I had Jeff, who was a pleasure to communicate with over many months.”

- Carly

“Jeff Schroeder is my workers' compensation attorney. I needed an attorney that works with work comp law because my employer wasn't being forthright with me. Mr. Schroeder is an upfront, honest, and very intelligent person. He knows the law, and I am very grateful for that. He has done wonders with my case and fought for my rights and what was owed to me. Thank you, Mr. Schroeder, for all of your hard work."

- Kathryn

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